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The Encantado

The Encantado originate in early mythology of the area now comprising Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay, and are shapeshifting dolphin-men that roam the amazon river. The word “encantado” translates to “enchanted” in Spanish and Portuguese, and is normally used when introducing oneself. You know, like when classy dudes shake your hand and say “charmed.” That kind of thing. In this case of these mythological creatures, however, it translates to “the enchanted one”. 

The Encantado are boto dolphins that can transform into extremely attractive humans at will. In their human form they are prone to wearing bright, fancy clothes and fabulous hats (as their heads remain bald to properly maintain the blow-hole area). Some say that Encantados in their boto-form often have mutated fin-tips that appear to be the hands of a human. 

Encatados are what everyone’s talking about when they refer to “party animals”. These debonaire dolphins are prone to crashing every party they can find and often end up being the star of said shindig. They ooze confidence and sexuality, and are surprisingly musical. Yet no party can last forever, and the encatados see to that, normally by being caught having naughty nookie with and kidnapping somebody’s daughter/wife/girlfriend.

These creatures only change when they want to go party with the locals or when they feel like making someone’s eggo preggo’d. Encantados are extremely promiscuous and affectionate to the point of kidnapping their new loves (or favored illegitimate children). They take the kidnapped river folk to Encante, an underwater paradise. Those who’ve been kidnapped rarely return, or return pregnant and/or insane.

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