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The demon-king Ravana played the antagonist’s role counter to Raama in the story of Ramayana. He’s an interesting character, and can be looked at in a positive light, being extremely intelligent and, in some versions of his stories, well-meaning. Generally, he’s the big, bad, badass that kidnaps Raama’s wife. He appealed to Brahma, the Creator god, for immortality, which was denied. Instead, Brahma granted him his requests of invulnerability and supremacy before gods and heavenly spirits, other demons, serpents, and wild beasts. Contemptuous of mortal men, he did not ask for protection from them. He had tried to cut off his head 10 times, and was given the heads back, now being 10-headed. He came to be known as “Dasamukha” (Dasa = ten, mukha = mouth/face). Hardcore.

Ravana conquered Lanka, the sacred island city (modern-day Sri Lanka), and become known as the Demon King of Lanka. His major move/ultimate mistake was eventually kidnapping Rama’s wife, Sita. This didn’t end well. Raama wages a war against the Demon King, and after what is definitely one of the most epic battles I’ve seen described in any mythology, Raama slays Ravana.

(The battle will have its own post in the near future. Stay tuned!)

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